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Taken from the movie Lawnmower Man, directed by Brett Leonard

Concept and edit by Chrome Canyon

Computers of Love stemmed from the idea that at some point in the future computers will be able to start making decisions based on their own set of learned ideas. The idea that at some point we will reach a "singularity" as Ray Kurzwiel puts it - where computer "thought" and human thought have no distinguishable characteristics from each other - has been around for some time, and has gone through many different scenarios of logic.  It has always fascinated me to look back and see how people imagined the eventual take over of humanity by machines.  Growing up I remember Lawnmower Man frightening me - now it is a distopian look into the future that is filled with nostalgia.  Ride along as the "love" of this computer turns into an obsession of terrifying power...