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Performed Live for Spectrefest at Cinefamily, Oct. 27, 2013


from Cinefamily - One of the greatest films in the annals of sci-fi, backed by the epic analog synth-powered sounds of L.A.’s newest keyboard transplant! A time-honored, pioneering portrait of an Expressionist Tomorrowland, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis had it all (according to its original press release): “8 stars, 25,000 men, 11,000 women, 1,100 bald people, 250 children, 3,500 pairs of special shoes, 50 cars.” What it also contained was a brilliant distillation of the Germany’s unconscious Zeitgeist energies, as that country lurched toward fascism in the Thirties — not to mention a peerless batch of indelible images. As we celebrate Metropolis as yesterday’s fantasy of what tomorrow could be, we welcome Stones Throw recording artist Chrome Canyon as the right temporal technician for the job. The solo project of New York artist Morgan Z (who just touched down upon Angeleno soil to become permanently reside alongside us), Chrome Canyon creates synth sounds that move between eras past and ages imagined — an aural palate that’s a whizz-bang accompaniment for Fritz Lang’s classic version of an alternate now. - See more at:

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