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I was shocked when I found the beautiful monologue from Cosmos that is the voice-over for the video.  Today it would be impossible to find a soliloquy such as this without music underneath.  And the more amazing part, is that it fit so perfectly over the track.  Once I had the track done, I scoured the web and pulled all the footage I could find.  I've long admired the opening to the film Seven Beauties by Lina Wertmuller, which features the track "Chelli Che" by Enzo Jannacci.  There's an english dub that I remember watching when I was very little and it left a huge impression on me.  Unfortunately that one doesn't seem to be online anywhere. In anycase,  I suppose Who Speaks for Earth is an (rudimentary) homage of sorts to that sort of dialogue driven music and film making.




Monologue taken from Carl Segan, Cosmos

Concept and Edit by Chrome Canyon

The title "Who Speaks for Earth" comes from one of the sections of Carl Segan's Cosmos.  Originally I had composed the music without knowing what it was about, but as I was finishing up the track I had thought it would be a great pairing to have a monologue over the top of it.  I have always been fascinated by nuclear technology and the power of these weapons that sit quietly underneath us everyday.  To me the discovery of nuclear reaction and all of it's consequences seems like one of the most seminal moment in human history, because we had past the point where we had the power to completely wipe ourselves off the face of the earth.  That was something completely new.